• Someone who wants to change your current life circumstances.


Last fall, the Alpha Community Center concluded its third session of guiding 6 adults through the Getting Ahead curriculum. This hands on educational workshop/workbook leads students through 10 weeks of information broken into modules.

The material is designed to give students insight into their particular personal reasons for being/remaining in poverty, and to provide the tools needed to elevate the students onto the path to a much better life. 

The students are referred to as "investigators" because they thoroughly study or investigate the material to search for answers and conclusions leading to their personal epiphany. Each module builds on the last to create a foundation that supports informed change. Module one deals with " My Life Now", then proceeds to research causes of poverty, hidden rules of economic class, language barriers, how to identify the resources they have and the ones they need to develop, assessing strength and weaknesses of the community and establishing definitive achievable goals with specific timetables. "Each one of our graduates has been moved by the 10 week study and each one left with concrete goals and plans for a better future. It was an amazing transformation and one I felt privileged to witness." -Jan Geuy.


The Community Foundation of Sidney/Shelby County provided a grant to assist with the cost of  the initial class and Airstream has added funds in subsequent years as well.  We are grateful to them for their support and willingness to commit to a better future for these adults. Our hope is to garner further community support as we plan our future sessions.

Thanks to Partners in Hope of Troy, Ohio for assisting us with training manuals and facilitation. Our volunteers are now certified to facilitate our own sessions saving us money and ensuring that we have the skills among our staff and volunteers to offer Getting Ahead for the benefit of future investigators looking for a proven path to a better life.

  • Someone who has tried to change your circumstances on your own and has not had success. 

  • Someone who is willing to partner with middle class individuals and organizations. 

  • Someone who is not currently in a crisis situation. 

  • Able to commit to attending all 10 classes of an 10 week program.

  • Willing to follow the group rules.

  • Willing to complete all activities in the Getting Ahead workbook.

Classes are forming now!  Class will be on Tuesdays  on a date TBD

Classes will be at 1:00 - 3:00

Call now to enroll.


Monday - Friday 11:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. ​

June thru July

This program is designed to combine new, interesting and fun activities with educational curriculum. We go on field trips and have guest speakers, special programs, and nutrition education with our Ohio State Extension Office. Free lunches are provided daily by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the City of Sidney.


All children registered to attend the Alpha Summer Program are eligible to attend Camp Union free of charge. Camp Union is a non-denominational camp in Richwood, Ohio. Sessions are offered throughout the summer with each week dedicated to a specific age group. 

Highlights: chapel, small groups, campfire, food, scripture memorization and lots of love and support from camp staff.

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Our doors will be closed until further notice. We will be offering "to go" meals at the door.

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